Polymer Journeys
The Art & Craft of Polymer 2016
The Book. The Series.

The Art & Craft of Polymer is a corner of the craft arts world that today spans or touches every craft form available. Applications have been developed so far beyond its humble beginnings as a child’s modeling clay that it is hard to believe polymer’s place as a high-quality art material was not the original intention of its creators. The most recent accomplishments and trends in polymer art are now highlighted in these pages, offering recognition for and insight into many of the most masterful and important pieces of the last two years.

Polymer Journeys is filled with more than simply beautiful, intelligent, and unexpected craft art from all over the globe; it is a window into a world of intense passion for color, form, texture, and pattern. Accompanied by insightful words from 108 artists as well as design sketches and photos of studios, worktables, and works in progress, this collection offers a broad and multi-faceted view of the art and artists working with polymer today.

All funding for this project is being provided by The Polymer Arts magazine and Tenth Muse Publishing. And, of course, by the present and future support of the polymer community.
© 2015 Tenth Muse Arts and The Polymer Arts

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